?Who is R&R Group?

We are a contents evaluation service that focuses on assessing and replacing lost or stolen personal and commercial property items covered by insurance policies. Our replacement specialists are extensively trained experts in their respective domains and collaborate directly with insurance adjusters and policyholders to evaluate or replace the items listed in their claims.


Our primary objective is to offer expedient and dependable claims processing services. We understand the value of an adjuster's time and, by utilizing our services, adjusters can allocate more time to handle additional claims, ensure elevated levels of customer satisfaction, and prevent any potential over-payment of insurance claims.

?What types of items can R&R Group replace?

R&R Group specializes in the replacement of a wide range of personal and commercial property items. From jewelry and china to electronics and appliances, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our commitment is to locate and replace any item that is needed. No matter what it is, if it exists, we will diligently work to find it and provide a suitable replacement.

?How long does it take to receive a quote?

Our dedicated staff is capable of providing quotes for most items promptly, typically within 24-48 hours. However, it is important that we receive complete and accurate product descriptions from the insured to ensure an efficient process. Vague or inaccurate claims may result in delays or quotes that may not precisely reflect the insured's needs. Therefore, it is crucial to provide detailed and accurate information to facilitate an accurate and timely quote.

?How do I receive a quote?


At R&R Group, we offer multiple options for delivering your quote. You can choose to receive it conveniently via fax or email. Additionally, we understand the importance of having a physical copy on hand. Therefore, we can also send you the original quote through traditional mail, ensuring that you have a hard copy for your records.

?How do I submit a claim?


We offer multiple convenient methods for adjusters or policyholders to submit their claims. They have the flexibility to choose between faxing, emailing, or submitting their claims online. For on-site submissions, we can even provide a laptop to the insured. To streamline the process, we have made inventory forms and fax cover pages readily available for download on our website.

?Will you contact our insured?

Certainly, the insured will be informed about our services, but only if they express interest in utilizing them. Once we establish contact with the insured, we will clarify that we are an independent company collaborating with their insurance provider to facilitate the replacement of their lost or stolen items. Our dedicated specialists will thoroughly review each item listed in their claim and present them with two options. Firstly, they can choose to replace the items through our company, R&R Group. Alternatively, they have the alternative to receive a settlement from their insurance company directly, enabling them to handle the replacement process independently.

?Why are some of the items quoted not the same brand as the original item?

There are several potential factors that can result in the replacement item not being identical to the original. For instance, the original manufacturer may have ceased operations, discontinued the production of a Like Kind Quality (LKQ) product, or the LKQ product may be unavailable due to an extended back-order period. This highlights the significance of our specialists establishing a personalized relationship with the insured. By engaging in direct communication, our specialists can collaborate with the insured to identify the most suitable replacement item that aligns with their specific requirements and preferences.

?How are items shipped?

We have established direct partnerships with local carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, to ensure efficient delivery of items to your insured. In the case of overweight items, they are typically shipped directly to the insured via freight services.

?How long will it take for insureds to receive replacement items?

Upon receiving approval for item replacements, the insured can expect to start receiving the new items within a span of 10 business days.

?What if the item arrives damaged by the shipping company or the product does not work properly?

In the event of any issues with an item upon receiving it, we kindly request your insured to reach out to our dedicated replacement specialists. They will promptly assist in arranging the shipment of a new item. Should the item manifest any defects within the initial year, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer will address the problem and provide support under the comprehensive warranty coverage. It is important to note that all our products are accompanied by a 1-year manufacturers' warranty, unless stated otherwise.

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